Advice to young mothers

New year's decoration of dishes

The New Year is a special holiday for all. In these holidays people decorate houses and yards, decorate the Christmas tree, come up with interesting and beautiful outfits. The hostess attached great importance to the festive table. It should be

The first months after childbirth: mother or woman?

The first months and, especially, weeks after the appearance of the baby in the world - a very difficult period for his mother, especially if it's the first child. To be in time to do half of what was planned for the day - how much to look after

If a child is lost in an unfamiliar city

During the holidays most people first of all think about where to have a better rest, what to take with them on a trip, which hotel to choose from. Travelers who travel with children, for certain do not often think about what to do in case a child is

Kalanchoe: home care

Kalanchoe is one of the medicinal plants. It can be easily grown in the walls of the house, besides the plant is not whimsical and does not need any specific conditions for growth. Some use Kalanchoe as a medicinal plant, and in some this plant

What should be in the chest of drawers to your return from

I wrote about how to organize a space in an apartment for a newborn in an article earlier. Now I want to dwell on what should be reserved in the bedroom for your arrival home with the baby. Diapers and diapers Firstly, of course, disposable

Plastic chest of drawers in the nursery: pros and cons

Arrangement of the children's room is not such a simple matter as it may seem at first glance. It is especially difficult to choose furniture, for example, a cabinet or chest of drawers. They must be roomy, safe and resistant to damage. In addition,

Is it possible to go to church with a month?

Many Orthodox girls often wonder whether it is possible to go to church with a month. Not everyone knows where the opinion about the prohibition of entering the sacred place at this time came from. Thus, the foundations were laid down in the Old

Choosing a table lamp for a desk

A table lamp is not just a stylish decoration for a desk. It helps to create pleasant lighting in the work area, which facilitates the work and protects the eyes from fatigue. Therefore, when choosing a table lamp, you need to take into account

At what age can a child be put in a car?

The task of all conscious and responsible parents is to guarantee their child safety while traveling by car. This can only be done by seating the child in a special device - a car or car seat. They are produced taking into account the physiology of

Career decree is not a hindrance

The desire to go to work appears in almost every young mother a few months after the birth of the child. Affects the fatigue of the mother's worries, and the desire to change the situation, and the fear of losing their professional skills. As early
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