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How to reduce muscle pain after exercise?

The pain in the muscles after training, which is called still krepature, is quite natural, not requiring any special treatment. Usually it manifests itself approximately 12 hours after a strong physical load, sometimes - earlier, sometimes - later,

How to burn fat, not muscle?

Many who are engaged, are interested in that the fat mass of the body decreases, and the muscle mass is increased. Without this, there will be no quality weight loss, no muscle building. But, unfortunately, rigid diets and an abundance of cardio (for

Why the legs swell during pregnancy

Leg swelling is a problem familiar to almost all pregnant women. Sometimes they are very small and do not cause discomfort. And strong swelling interferes with wearing shoes and even walking normally. In addition, they can be a symptom of serious

Causes of thrush

The causes of thrush in women The causes of thrush are the topic of discussions not only in the female circle of the townsfolk, but also among physicians. Fungi of the genus Candida, pathogens of the disease, have the properties again and again to

Milk diet

Lose weight with a milk diet Milk diet is not suitable for all people, despite the fact that it is quite tasty and not hungry. The whole point is that milk is ideal only for children. And in most adults, milk in its pure form causes heartburn and

Why do our children need the voice?

The show "Voice. Children "on the screen looks beautiful and spectacular. But what is hidden behind the scenes? Is it worth it for children to participate in television competitions, and how does this affect their future destiny? Our expert Larisa

Elementary! 5 key elements of nutrition that prevent weight

Many have already realized that proper nutrition is not a categorical rejection of everything delicious, not a fat wallet and not a lot of free time, but a matter of habit. And it seems so simple and almost feasible. But attempts for some reason do

Things in the hospital: why you need to collect two bags

0 Preparation for childbirth Things in the hospital: why you need to collect two bags In the hospital it is important that everything you need is at hand. Therefore, it is desirable that already a half to two months before the proposed date the bag

Blood discharge during pregnancy

Probably the best period in the life of almost every woman is, of course, the period of waiting for a miracle, as the expectations of the birth of the truly dearest man in your family are, is pregnancy. But this, among other things, is also a time of

Aids: anti-aging hand care

Hands - the "card" of a true lady - must always be as well-groomed as possible. The blessings and products for care of our "faithful assistants" today are great. With what tools to stock up and how to use them correctly for the benefit of our upper
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