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7 tips on how to survive a flight with children

Fly with children over long distances is not always easy. They get tired, they get tired of sitting in one place for several hours. But in the power of parents to make the flight is not so tiring for children and for themselves. To fully enjoy the

What to cook with cherries? pancakes, cakes and, of course,

1 4.4 Nutrition of pregnant women What to cook with cherries? Pancakes, cakes and, of course, delicious jam June is the first month of summer and the time when the first fresh fruit finally appears. The honor of the opening of the fruit season

Women who have given birth to sons live 7 years less

A very interesting study was conducted by Finnish scientists. They found out that the mothers of boys almost always live less than women who gave birth to daughters. Of course, not only the sex of the child plays a role in this, but also the marital

The most unusual races in the world

Have you ever run rushing headlong from the mountain in pursuit of ... a cheese head? Passed a marathon, where on each "pit stop" you are waiting for reinforcement in the form of a glass of collection wine? Have you been stopped on the way by

Top-10 products that can not be stored in the refrigerator

In summer, literally all the products and want to shove in the fridge. Some in the heat really spoil many times faster. But many products that we used to keep in the cold, in fact, should not be there. So, we understand more in detail what kind of

False negative pregnancy test

The pregnancy test can be attributed to the most convenient and useful inventions of mankind. After all, in any place and for a few minutes you can find out the answer to an exciting question: whether there is pregnancy or not. Our grandmothers could


Scientists say that the brain of a child by the end of the third year of life contains twice as many active neuronal connections as the adult's brain, and twice as active as the student's brain. Indeed, all the kids up to 4-5 years old seem smart and


What is child gathering, how to live with it and who can grow up from a child-collector. Everything - in the house All children are collectors. Anyone interested in their subject - whether it's an ordinary stick, a stone, a toy found or a leaflet

Teenager love

Everyone understands that the first love is in our memory for a long time. We often forget about the time when we become parents. And when the child confesses that he fell in love, at times, we are completely unprepared for such a turn of events.


16 5 Health of pregnant women Repairs The desire to equip the nest during pregnancy and prepare an apartment for the emergence of a new tenant often turns into an idea-fix, contrary to common sense and real dangers. In order not to be unfounded, we
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