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Complex composition

Combined dishes from several components appear in the baby's menu from 6 months. Such a "complex" lure allows parents to introduce the child to new taste sensations, and the very karapuzu get a maximum of nutrients at one meal. The composition of

Rennie in pregnancy

Rennie is an antacid drug, which in others stands out. It does not provoke the development of constipation, it does not have aluminum in its composition, which is very important at the time of pregnancy. This is not yet a complete list of the

Multiple pregnancy test

Many women, in order to learn one hundred percent about their pregnancy, buy several tests at the same time. There are many reasons: the strips are poorly visible or do not appear at all, the test was carried out at the wrong time. Many Internet

Depression during pregnancy

Some feeling of emptiness, as well as despondency, overwork, and even anxiety, and sometimes loss of appetite, with no interest in everything that is happening, frequent insomnia, irritability, and even low self-esteem, a certain sense of guilt, or

Treatment of kidneys during pregnancy

According to statistics, renal tea has been used for a long time in medicine as the safest effective and not causing any side effects necessary for the treatment of various inflammations associated with the genitourinary system. And since during

Scientists found out which professions drink most coffee

The scientists found out which professions are most susceptible to caffeine dependence. The top three of the top-10 coffee-drinking professions include journalists, media workers, teachers and policemen. Millions of people around the world do not

The acceleration formula (amniotomy)

When, during childbirth, it comes to amniotomy (autopsy of the membranes), any future mother wonders if it is necessary. However, such manipulation is resorted to to avoid complications, therefore, in the presence of evidence, it is not worth to give

Placenta previa

Causes of low placenta previa, treatment and prevention Placenta previa is its low location relative to the level of the internal throat of the uterus or complete overlapping of the cervix. There are several varieties of placenta previa. It is low,

9 subtleties of the discipline

How to stop "building" a child, help him grow self-discipline and without the rope convince to collect toys in his room. "Teach children to discipline!" - sounds more often then, the child does something noisy, unbearable, careless, in general,

Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

According to statistics, more than 50% of women during pregnancy suffer from such a disease as hemorrhoids. And among all of them, some may be more prone to the risk of inflammation of the so-called hemorrhoids (say, these are women who are recurrent
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