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Mom, take me on the pens!

Many years ago it was thought that it was harmful to take the baby in your arms and train to caresses. He will continue to be capricious, and as a result - to complicate the parental life. What does a newborn need? Most importantly, for the

Poor health at pregnancy

The course of any pregnancy, even one that passes without complications, often darkens the ailments. They can be minor or significantly complicate the life of a woman during this period. At pregnant women often there is a decline of forces,

Fibrinogen during pregnancies

To the future mother it seems that there will be no end and end to various analyzes and studies. Constantly measure all the new indicators about which most women before the waiting period of the baby and did not hear at all. For example, the level of

Dry cough during pregnancy

Treatment of dry cough during pregnancy Cough during pregnancy is not such a dangerous symptom, as many future mothers believe. In most cases, this phenomenon is associated with a mild respiratory disease caused by a virus. And does not need

What weight of dumbbells to choose for training?

Usually the coach chooses the weight for you, especially if you just started training. At the same time, the level of your physical fitness, and the goals that you want to achieve, play a role. It is generally believed that for weight loss it is

Sugar and glucose

Glucose, not sugar The molecules obtained by enzymatic cleavage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, in structure, are complex sugars, unlike ordinary sugar, which is added to granola, effervescent drinks, cakes and biscuits. Energy food All food

Hemoglobin during pregnancy. why does it "fall off" and how

0 5 Month by Month Hemoglobin during pregnancy. Why does it "fall off" and how to improve it? During pregnancy, many women reduce the hemoglobin content in the blood. Meanwhile, hemoglobin carries oxygen, and if it is deficient during pregnancy, a

Biological museum invites you to play "family labyrinth"

On February 16 from 12 to 15 o'clock everyone who came to the museum with children can participate in the biological game. "Family Labyrinth" is a biological game for children and parents, which introduces the museum exposition in a fascinating way

"fixics: a journey through time." quiz.

From December 20 in Crocus City Hall will be an amazing fairytale show "Fixiki: a journey through time." The readers of PARENTS.RU have a chance to win free invitation cards for one of the days of the show and go there with the whole family. Many of

In moscow took place the english children's festival

Good impressions of the holiday were left in children and parents On September 19, the Moscow Children's Festival Kids English Festival was held at the Moscow Muzone Arts Park. It was organized by the school International School of Tomorrow in
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