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Hormones during pregnancy

From the work of the hormonal or endocrine system, all the processes that occur in the human body depend. It is the hormones released by the glands that regulate the growth of cells, the skin condition and mood of a person, his sexual desire and the

Clean water - for mom and baby!

0 Health & Care Clean water - for mom and baby! VV Abramchenko on advertising rights: Clean water - for mom and baby! What are the dangerous factors we meet every day? How to endure and give birth to a healthy baby? How to protect yourself

Discharge in the second trimester of pregnancy

It often happens that vaginal discharge causes discomfort and inconvenience to a woman. And in pregnancy they become frightening. Particularly frightening secretions that begin suddenly in the second trimester of pregnancy, with their complete

Dirty things? no, the researcher!

He constantly turns his elbow in a borsch, presses ripe bananas in his clenched fists ... In the street he always strives to be in the deepest pool, and you constantly have to wash it off dirt and sand. What happened to your purse after a year? You

How to teach a child to do housework?

To the girl in the future became a good housewife, and the boy - an owner who is able to help his wife to create a cozy nest, parents need to bring up these skills from childhood. Patiently, playfully and without unnecessary edification ... Often,

Smear on cytology

What does a smear test for cytology, when to take it and why? Smear on cytology, what is it, what does it show, why surrender and to whom it is shown? Why is this study assigned to all healthy women who are not virgins? Whether it is possible and how

How to celebrate christmas? fun and noisy!

The ancient Slavs were able to chase away the winter melancholy and rejoice like no other. Their experience was firmly imprinted in the rites that the peasants practiced on Christmas Eve. Before Christmas, it's time to take an example from our

Unique family beauty-day!

On Sunday, March 18 from 12.00 to 17.00, a network of salons for children and expectant mothers "Kangaroo" and Beauty salon for the whole family "Victoria Dreams" with the support of the magazine "Happy Parents" invite you to a unique family

How to enlarge a breast without an operation

Very often men, on the first acquaintance with the girls pay special attention neither to their breasts. Many representatives of the stronger sex confidently assert that they are attracted by a large breast. Compresses Очень эффективным и

Varicose veins during pregnancy

3 1.8 Health of pregnant women Varicose veins during pregnancy Some women during pregnancy notice that on their feet there were vascular "stars" and "worms" of dilated veins. More often there is a feeling of fatigue in the legs, walking becomes
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