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Cellulite in pregnancy

How to deal with cellulite in pregnancy Cellulite in pregnancy - this is one of those cosmetic defects, the prevention of the appearance of which reflects very few future mothers. Everyone knows that during pregnancy, stretch marks may appear, and

Walking to strengthen the heart muscle: how much, when and

Cardio-operations, of course, can strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, increase the endurance of the body. One of the most useful factors of cardiovascular effects on human health is strengthening of the heart muscle, which helps to

Red caviar in pregnancy

Who does not like red caviar? This delicacy is always there and will be loved by many people of different ages. It is very tasty and useful. So, if the stomach requires a holiday, then do not deny yourself this, even during pregnancy. Red caviar

How to fall in love with a guy?

How to make a guy fall in love with you at first sight? The question is interesting, and even a bit strange. And in fact, why artificially create any attachments? Let everything flow by itself. But, it's not so simple. Quite often, it happens, and

How to eat healthy without waste: the best techniques

Unfortunately, this is a fact: good and quality products really cost a lot. But it turns out, you can eat healthy and without fabulous spending on food. If you doubt that a full and balanced diet "will eat" all your salary, here are some ways to eat

Combined oral contraceptives (cocs)

Oral contraceptives: action, side effects, contraindications Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) are one of the most reliable means of contraception. They are available (sold in any pharmacy), there are different price categories, they are well

When you can bathe a newborn

How to properly bathe a newborn When you can bathe a newborn, walk with him, play - these and other questions are very relevant. After all, when young parents bring a baby from the hospital to their home, at first, as a rule, they are afraid to even

Flatulence at early stages of pregnancy

From the very first days of pregnancy the body of a woman undergoes various changes. This phenomenon is absolutely normal and natural. After all the organism of the future woman in childbirth is adjusted to optimal conditions, which for the

How to choose a safe car seat for a child?

In 2007, the ban on the transport of children under the age of 12 years without a car seat came into effect. And this is not another cunning trick of the traffic police, aimed at squeezing hard earned. Severe statistics are inexorable - with an

Home massage for baby

Massage, made by the hands of the mother, delivers the baby a great pleasure and serves for the benefit of his physical and mental development. To do everything right, you need to take into account a few details. Nonprofessionals are allowed to
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