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New year's festival "christmas tree retrospective" for the

New Year's festival "Christmas tree retrospective" is not an ordinary Christmas tree for children, but a holiday for everyone! Performances will be held from December 24th-30th, 2013 and from January 2-7, 2014 (sessions 11.00 and 15.00) in the

Disputes in the family: 15 steps to a constructive dialogue

0 Psychology Disputes in the Family: 15 Steps to a Constructive Dialogue Family life is full of various situations, which often lead to disagreements between spouses. While waiting for the baby, arguments can cause many small things: how to name

Urinary tract infection in children

Urinary tract infection is one of the "leaders" in the structure of childhood morbidity. This is a general term that refers to inflammatory processes that develop as a result of bacteria entering different parts of the urinary tract. By the age of

Future moms, are you concerned about the release of an

1 All about pregnancy Future moms, are you concerned about the release of an unknown origin after the 25th week of pregnancy? If so, be careful, starting from the second half of pregnancy. Normally, an autopsy of the fetal bladder occurs not

Girls and princesses

The world of fairy-tale princesses has long crossed from books and cartoons into our daily life. It is replicated in prints of children's clothes, bed linen and even in sets of cosmetics, turning into a huge, profitable industry. How to make the

How to effectively lose weight during pregnancy

Many young women preparing for the birth of their baby, seriously worry about extra pounds, because in this period their figure will necessarily change, and they will not be as attractive as in girlhood. Often women ask the question: "How to lose

Espumizane during pregnancy

Let's note at once, that very many women during pregnancy can suffer from the strongest and most unpleasant flatulence. Undoubtedly, all this brings cardinal inconveniences and discomfort, which means that it is absolutely necessary to fight with

On june 1, the "children and the road"

June 1, 2014 in Moscow in the Lyceum "Vorobyovy Gory" will host a children's holiday "Children and the road." The purpose of the celebration is the formation and strengthening of children's knowledge of the rules of the road. On this day in the

What prevents a pregnant woman from sleeping?

0 All about pregnancy What prevents a pregnant woman from sleeping? Many women face problems with sleeping during pregnancy. But a full night's rest is very important for a future mother. Why is it harder to fall asleep and what can you do to get

How does ovulation occur?

On what day ovulation occurs, counting methods How does ovulation occur, at what time of the menstrual cycle, how to define it, and in what cases can it be absent? These questions are important for a woman planning a child. In this material we will
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