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What to give to your child on your first birthday

Your baby's first holiday. 12 months ago he was born. An important day, but how correctly to organize this day for your crumbs? What gift to buy? The answers to these questions are in this article. The first holiday There are parents who every

Sore throat in pregnancy

What can be pregnant with sore throat? Sore throat in pregnancy в 1, 2, 3 триместре, чем лечить и нужно ли? Опасно ли это для ребенка? ОРВИ и ОРЗ, наиболее частые причины простудных явлений, у будущих мам не редкость. Врачи, конечно же, советуют

Blood in the urine during pregnancy

Probably, any tests, and in particular urine and blood tests, given during pregnancy, almost always cause some future excitement for any future mother. After all, from the indicators of these analyzes, the growth and development of a baby living in

Урогенитальный микоплазмоз

Like any other sexually transmitted infection, urogenital mycoplasmosis strikes the urogenital system, and sometimes even leads to infertility. To avoid these troubles, it is important to start treatment on time and follow all the doctor's

Unmarried women with low income are more eager to know the

Unmarried pregnant women, with low incomes and without higher education, are more eager to know the sex of their unborn child. Similarly, adherents of overestimated requirements for education act. American researchers, by interviewing 182 pregnant

The ninth month

The ninth month is a long-awaited We leave on the home stretch. There is very little left - and the miracle you dreamed of will come true. The less time remains before this long-awaited moment, the more you think about how this will happen. You

3 month of pregnancy

Mom at 3 month of pregnancy The woman's body also continues to change, and quite quickly. By the end of the second month, the placenta was almost completely formed. Before the birth of the baby, she will be the link between mother and child. Thanks

How and when to plan pregnancy after abolition of birth

Contraceptive pills or oral hormonal contraceptives are a common and sufficiently safe method of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Their main advantage is high efficiency. But, like any medicine, they have a number of side effects. Therefore,

Oral sex during pregnancy

The relationship to sexual intimacy during pregnancy can change well between a woman and a man. It may be that the wives from the first days of pregnancy may be afraid of sex, fearing somehow to harm the fetus. Many husbands are also experiencing a

Diet with cellulite

PART II. STRATEGY FOR STRUGGLE AGAINST CELLULITE Chapter 5. The proper nutrition system Basic principles of proper nutrition So far, no special "diet" has been invented to get rid of cellulite, so a reasonable plan for a balanced diet, in which
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