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Hormones during pregnancy

From the work of the hormonal or endocrine system, all the processes that occur in the human body depend. It is the hormones released by the glands that regulate the growth of cells, the skin condition and mood of a person, his sexual desire and the

Pediatrician's answers

1 2 Health & Care Pediatrician's answers Our daughter is 5 weeks old. After the hospital, they were lying in the hospital with a jaundice and bronchitis. Now it's been two weeks since we got out. But worried about the constant squelching in the

Symptoms of thrush

Signs, symptoms of thrush Itching (from insignificant to intolerable) and abundant white curdled discharge are the main symptoms of thrush, or, as it is called correctly, vaginal candidiasis. All the symptoms of thrush are worse after sex. According

Strengthening exercises after childbirth

Figure after childbirth Strengthening the body after childbirth is necessary not only for the sake of becoming again "as before," but also for fatigue, despondency and weakness to give way to vivacity, energy and joy. If someone tells you that after

Pinocchio on ice. competition

On the days of winter school holidays, Moscow is waiting for a beautiful ice show for the whole family, "Pinocchio on Ice"! The original production of the famous fairy tale "The Golden Key" will be presented in the theater multiplex "PLANET OF

Stretching exercises

Stretching muscles Stretching exercises: save yourself muscle stretching. When after a year of strength training I first came to an aerobic class, I had a severe attack of an inferiority complex. While the rest could easily bend down to touch the

Children of hollywood stars: the youngest style icons

Not all of these children choose their own clothes for themselves. For them, their star parents make it, dictating their taste not only to the offspring, but also to their fans around the world. George and Charlotte Windsor "Dressed like a king!" -

Exercises for priests

Very many girls complain that they are not very satisfied with their forms. But, even if you can not boast that you have ideal parameters, you still do not need to despair, because you can correct your body yourself. With some effort, even sagging,

Hush, baby, do not cry

Nothing excites parents so much as the crying of their child, especially if the latter is a very small one. Why is the baby crying and how to help him, says the neurologist ELENA MAYUKINA. People who do not communicate closely with newborns usually

Symptoms and treatment of phenylketonuria in children

141 4.4 Health & Care Symptoms and treatment of phenylketonuria in children Nature is not only wise, but generous. She gives people many joys, fulfilling their cherished desire to have healthy children, although from time to time she presents
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