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As a mom to communicate with the nulliparous girlfriends

Pregnancy and motherhood in the media and fiction are usually presented as something amazing, beautiful, full of trepidation and tenderness. So it is ... but only in part. Passing through the difficulties of expecting the child, the pain in

Let's start with fruit

It so happened that the traditional Russian dessert - fruits - in very small ones turned into the first lure. It is thanks to these products that a child usually learns that besides milk there are other delicious things in the world. So, it's time

Against caries!

Experts R.O.C.S. told how to grow a generation without caries. July 18, 2017 a meeting of popular Mom-bloggers with experts of the brand R.O.C.S., who shared the rules of dental care for children of different ages, advice on how to teach children to

How to choose baby diapers

24 3.6 Health & Care How to choose baby diapers The light must soon appear baby. Future parents, as well as their relatives, are diligently preparing for this joyful event. "Experienced" moms know that buying children's clothes is better in

A small child at the dacha: how to prepare for the first

0 Health & Care A small child at the dacha: how to prepare for the first summer season? The first dacha season of a child is an event for his parents. And to make country rest really full, mom and baby should not be uncomfortable. Having thought

How to move to a healthy lifestyle?

How successfully and the main thing is to force yourself to change to a healthy lifestyle? To begin with, you need to tidy your thoughts and tune in to a positive emotional attitude. Send your highly favored far-reaching captives into space. Soon

Partnering: when is the presence of a husband necessary?

4 Preparation for childbirth Partnering: when is the presence of a husband necessary? Very soon a significant event will happen: you will finally see your wonderful child and you will be able to hold it in your arms. Svetlana Ievleva

How to get rid of thrush

Means for getting rid of thrush How to get rid of thrush for a long time and quickly? This, it would seem, is not too dangerous and such a widespread disease among women brings a lot of problems and inconveniences. A woman experiences unbearable

Adult love and little children

The love of men and women is, undoubtedly, the basis of the family. It gives us strength, confidence and a sense of happiness. And how do our children perceive love? What does our love feelings mean for them? Let's try to figure this out. Most

Itching during pregnancy

Symptoms of itching appear in the second half of pregnancy. All the day the future mother can and do not disturb anything. But when she goes to bed and nothing distracts her, the woman begins to feel unpleasant sensations. Different diseases give a
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