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Children's myopia: it's not about gadgets

According to the World Health Organization, now more and more children are diagnosed with nearsightedness. Many are inclined to blame modern electronic technology. Modern children are longer than their peers 20 years ago watching TV, spend more time

Not the first birth

Obstetricians know well: each birth story is unique. Even if a woman comes to the hospital is not the first time, the birth of her baby will be different from the experience that she experienced with her first-born. What is the difference between the

Fast delivery

0 5 Births from A to Z Fast delivery It would seem that the bad thing can be that the birth will be "accelerated" - without painful hours of labor, or even completely painless? However, doctors know that rapid delivery, which is observed in about

Aqua aerobics and swimming for pregnant women

0 5 Beauty and sports Aqua aerobics and swimming for pregnant women During pregnancy a woman has to give up many things to which she is accustomed, and in front of her even more tangible changes are awaiting. But, as most of us know, pregnancy is

Prevention of rickets: how to protect the baby before birth

1 Health of pregnant women Prevention of rickets: how to protect the baby before birth Dmitry Parish doctor pediatrician, cms, astrakhan medical academy The doctor's office includes a woman with a boy of 11 years. "Doctor, I noticed that my

Where to vaccinate a child? children's vaccination centers

0 5 Health & Care Where to vaccinate a child? Children's Vaccination Centers Over the past year, our magazine has written in detail about the different types of vaccinations, vaccination rules, possible complications and other medical aspects

Breastfeeding in the early days: how to adjust lactation in

2 Breast-feeding Breast-feeding в первые дни: как наладить лактацию в роддоме Despite the fact that breastfeeding is a natural process, it is not always easy to adjust it. Therefore, the special importance is how you will start lactation in the

In the sokolniki park, a photo exhibition "mama beside" was

Interactive photo exhibition "Mom near", dedicated to the launch of the new "Baby", opened its doors on April 2, 2014 in the park "Sokolniki". At the exhibition were presented more than 200 photos from different parts of the country, telling touching


Colposcopy is a fairly popular diagnostic procedure in gynecology, during which the condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix and vagina is analyzed. Along with gynecological examination and Pap test (not to be confused with PAPP-A test during

New year for pregnant women: 8 rules of the festive menu

0 Nutrition of pregnant women New Year for pregnant women: 8 rules of the festive menu We look forward to the coming of the New Year, and often our wide Slavic soul and national hospitality lead to the fact that one day of the holiday is eaten a
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