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Perpetual motion machine

2 Development Perpetual motion machine Heart of the newborn At first glance, the newborn baby is just the same as we are with you: breathing in the same way, also hears and sees, sneezes and coughs the same way. Ekaterina Komar Neonatologist,

Planning a pregnancy: do you agree?

1 5 Planning Planning беременности: согласны оба? In the modern world, young families are increasingly consciously approaching pregnancy planning. First, we need to discuss the possibility of the baby's appearance and take a mutually agreed

Bilateral effect

Everything, as is known, has two sides, and therefore even good and expected events can bring disappointment. This can be avoided - if all "side effects" and problems are anticipated in advance. In the classes on positive psychotherapy, all

General project for pregnancy planning

0 2 Planning General Project for Pregnancy Planning The beginning of the year is the time to make plans for the future. The birth of a child is one of the main events in the life of the family. What are the steps to be taken by future parents

Why does the back hurt: the reasons, and how to get rid of

Most of modern people often have back and waist pain. This is not surprising: the benefits of civilization and today's lifestyle deprive us of mobility, make us sit for 8 hours at the office table, and the muscles supporting our spine, simply

Signs of a dead pregnancy in the early stages

According to statistical medical data, about fifteen percent of all normally started pregnancies, their termination is diagnosed as "frozen pregnancy". The risk of this pathology during pregnancy rises with the age of a woman. The older the future

The first symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy is very important and one of the most enjoyable processes in the life of women. When a woman becomes pregnant, a number of changes appear in her body. This is due to the fact that there are strong hormonal changes. After all, the body

Young geeks were awarded the prize "big mind"

At the height of the New Year holidays in "KidBurg" the winners of the scientific and educational award "Big Mind" were determined. On January 6, 2013 finalists presented their projects to the jury. After that, the ceremony of rewarding young geeks

5 ways to establish relations with my mother-in-law

On this day of Maslenitsa, according to tradition, the mother-in-law came to the son-in-law for pancakes. But nothing prevents to modernize the old custom and invite to your ... mother-in-law. So you will have one more reason to get to know each

Glycerin in pregnancy

Any treatment during pregnancy is always an ambiguous and extremely uneasy question, but, unfortunately, this question often quite often arises, and it is quite acute before the future mother. And the urgency of it is, first of all, that the very
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