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Unusual solutions for the garden

Aluminum is an amazing metal that meets on Mars and on the Moon, and is also actively used on Earth. Specialists of the company KIT-MARKET will tell a lot of interesting about the benefits and features of the operation of furniture made of cast

Teach a child to read

Sooner or later, the parents face the question: "How to teach a child to read and when to start?" Wait until he goes to school and learns the first reading skills already there? Or do this work by yourself? Every parent knows how to read, but not

Recipes of useful pancakes

1 Nutrition of pregnant women Recipes of useful pancakes Fritters are popular pastries in many countries of the world. Therefore, everywhere there is a recipe for this delicious dish. For example, the classics for Belarusians are considered to be

What does the term mean?

Used terms Absorption The process of absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream, as well as the flow of certain substances into the cell. Allergen Substance (ingested or inhaled) that causes an allergic reaction. Amino

How many births and what to do if something went wrong?

0 Births from A to Z How many births and what to do if something went wrong? Everyone knows that the birth is rather painful, but they remember that it will not be long to suffer, and when the long-awaited baby appears as a result of these efforts,

The novelty in dietetics is chrono-diet: we eat by the clock

One of the newest diets to date is chronodite. This is not so much a diet with the inclusion of certain foods, although the diet, of course, should be presented by healthy food, how much a special food system. It assumes food intake strictly by the

In moscow took place the english children's festival

Good impressions of the holiday were left in children and parents On September 19, the Moscow Children's Festival Kids English Festival was held at the Moscow Muzone Arts Park. It was organized by the school International School of Tomorrow in

On what term of pregnancy should i register

When is it better to register for pregnancy? On what term of pregnancy it is necessary to get on the account to the gynecologist - this question is very important. For some, the pregnancy is long-awaited and desired, for someone it comes quite

Can and can not: how to feed a child from 2 to 3 years old

The kid is fairly grown up, and the dishes from the adult menu arouse genuine interest. Well, it's time to re-expand the diet and lift the ban imposed on some products. After 2 years, you can give a sample of sausages - baby boiled sausages or

Kanefron for pregnant women

Preparing to be a mother, every woman carefully monitors her health: this is necessary to avoid diseases that involve drug therapy. However, not always at the time of pregnancy, it is possible to prevent the action of pathogens, and often before a
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