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Sex will help make up?

Sexual relations, according to scientists, are the consequence of hormones. Some adhere to the theory that this is chemistry, although it is rather unstable. It is directly influenced by many external moments, it affects the human mind and often

Vikasol with uterine bleeding

The use of vikasol and other drugs in uterine bleeding Uterine bleeding is a common female pathology that occurs in very young women and during menopause. Although there are spotting outside their terms and in middle-aged women. Only the reasons for

Water diet

The essence of the water diet: the results, the nuances of compliance, the schedule Water diet is one of the easiest ways to lose weight! No, no, you will not have to starve. Quite the contrary. The meaning of this method is that water will in some

Birth control pills for nulliparas

Contraceptive pills for girls Is it possible to drink contraceptive pills for girls and young nulliparous women, will it not harm their reproductive function, will not it provoke cancer? Modern gynecologists virtually unequivocally answer the


Everything will be in chocolate In childhood it was simple: the chocolate "Alenka" - for tea, "Bears in the North" and "Inspiration" - for the festive table. The deficit was replaced by the pangs of choice. Use the recommendations of professionals

Baby carriages "maxima"

0 Goods for newborns Baby carriages "Maxima" Торговая компания Stroller B&E занимается разработкой и поставкой  из Европы в Россию детских колясок «Maxima»  с 1988 года.   More than 25 models of wheelchairs are presented in our showroom

Scientists advise not to cut the umbilical cord in the first

Now moms have the opportunity to rethink their views on childbirth after hearing about a new study conducted by Argentine scientists and published in The Lancet. Researchers from the Foundation for Maternal and Child Health in Buenos Aires have

Antimiller hormone: a litmus test of female health

What most of the antimulyler hormone test is and what it's for, most women will find out when the opportunity to get pregnant naturally is already exhausted, and it's time to seek help from doctors. Then, in the list of priority analyzes, this

6 reasons to choose organic cosmetics

The popularity of ecocosmetics is gaining momentum. If before it could only afford to celebrities and the elite, today these means of care have become available for others. Although the price of organic products remains relatively high. For what are

How to teach a child to bed

Many moms and dads from the very beginning of their baby do not put to sleep in the crib. They keep him close, in his bed. So he does not cry, he feels the warmth of the mother, he falls asleep more quickly. This is good, but not always. After all,
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