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Household allergens: mold and dust

Mold and dust are usually ignored. And meanwhile, these are very strong allergens. And in recent years, doctors have noted more and more cases when exactly these irritants cause respiratory allergy. Bad waterproofing, cracks in the walls and on the

Traditional charity event "mchappy day" will be held in

It will be attended by all 457 restaurants of the famous network in Russia. Over 12 years of the action in our country to support projects of the Charitable Foundation "House of Ronald McDonald" transferred more than 143 million rubles. In November,

The duration of human life is not standardized

Last year, in a well-known medical journal, an article appeared that the limit of human life was calculated, and this is 114 years old. Then this article caused a lot of controversy among doctors. Not all scientists agreed with the conclusions of the

Thickness of the placenta

What you need to know about the thickness of the placenta The thickness of the placenta is one of the important diagnostic criteria, determined during pregnancy solely by ultrasound. To understand why the normal thickness of the placenta is so

Actovegin during pregnancy

As a rule, during pregnancy, literally every woman, in the first place, will take care of the health and safety of her future baby. This is probably why many medications can cause real doubts. Often women have a reasonable question, but will not some

Top 7 products that we eat wrong

As a rule, all food habits have been planted to us since childhood, and we continue to follow them in adulthood. But there are a lot of products that, it turns out, we eat wrong. And mainly, because it absolutely depreciates their favor. We offer you

Menopause can be delayed

Menopause can be delayed by making some changes in lifestyle. A European study, conducted for 6 years involving 1000 women, showed the following. Menopause is coming ... Later, if: full-fledged pregnancy was at an older age; in women the intervals

Sciatica in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and responsible periods in the life of every woman. However, the joy of expecting a future baby can be overshadowed by a sharp pain in the back. The cause of such pain is often the inflammation (pinching) of the

Urine analysis by nechiporenko

How and why to take the urine test for Nechiporenko with and without pregnancy The analysis of urine by Nechiporenko is appointed in the event that the general clinical showed any deviations. For example, the presence of leukocytes or cylinders. With

"happy parents" in june (2017)

We present the announcement of the June issue of the magazine "Happy Parents". In the rubric "Star Parents": large children celebrities. In the rubric "Dietetics": breastfeeding of twins; малыш-вегетарианци. In the rubric "At the table": try
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