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Hooray! culturation!

Are you tired of spending the whole weekend at the playground? Meanwhile, the city provides great opportunities for recreation of 2-, 3-year-old kids and their parents. Europe has long and universally accepted to take children with them everywhere

Proper breathing

Learn the right breath! Want to quickly lose weight? Then breathe properly! You make yourself sick with aerobics, and still do not lose weight. Why? One of the reasons is "wrong" breathing. Superficial and frequent. Well, in fact, you need to

Hemolytic disease of newborns - physiological jaundice

23 4.3 Health & Care Hemolytic disease of newborns - physiological jaundice As you know, every pregnant woman must pass the test for blood type and Rh factor. What is the purpose of this study? Anna Usynina Neonatologist, Associate Professor of

New recognition: pear helps to lose weight effectively

The well-known magazine Zee News claims that the pear possesses a wonderful set of properties: it is fiber and antioxidants, trace elements and vitamins, without which human health can not be avoided. Of course, many fruits and vegetables can be

Fitness bracelets: great deception and fake efficiency

The international community of scientists has repeatedly refuted the conjecture that wearable control devices can be effective with various methods of losing weight. Now the exposure was overtaken by so-called fitness bracelets. Manufacturing

Bicycle use for men

Scientists are still in doubt, who is to attribute the invention of the bicycle. But, no matter who turned out to be an inventor, humanity is infinitely grateful to him. Today many even do not represent their lives without this vehicle. In the

Father and child

0 5 Planning Father and child Becoming a father Very often pregnant women complain that husbands are not interested in their new position, the state of health and the development of the baby. But they forget that the feeling of paternity is not

Classics of the genre: tested children's books by age

There are children's books that survived not only years, but centuries. They are read with pleasure by modern children and will surely be read by children in the future. Despite the fact that our life is changing faster, rapidly transforming much of

Chlamydia in pregnancy

What is chlamydia? How often do women suffer from chlamydia (acute or chronic) during pregnancy Pregnancy is the coveted condition of almost any woman. Waiting for the baby, guessing whether the boy is a girl or a girl, who will he look like, choose

How i became a mom

0 5 Tales of childbirth How I Became a Mom Memories of childbirth Oksana Glyniuk To begin with, I really wanted a child, but could not get pregnant. At the age of 18, I underwent surgery for a perituburn abscess. The pipe was "cleaned" and left
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