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Abcs of breastfeeding

In no case can not do without small tricks and, of course, experience. A little patience - and you will learn a new science for you. Before feeding, wash your hands with soap, rinse your breast with boiled water and pat dry with a soft towel. Sit

Happy together: sexual compatibility

To assess the chances of creating a happy union, the astrologer analyzes the birth dates of both partners, and the psychologist - their sexual compatibility. The second method is much more reliable, although honest answers to mundane questions are

Breathing exercises

For the development of the child, it is very important that the respiratory organs work at full power, and the disturbances arising in their system are eliminated as quickly as possible. Breathing exercises for children here will be very handy. Their

Institute of russian realistic art invites to the master

The Institute of Russian Realistic Art invites you to another master class dedicated to the temporary exhibition "Soviet Sport". On April 5, based on the mosaic panel "Skiers" by Alexander Dainek (1950, Kursk State Picture Gallery named after AA

Urine in pregnant women

Any woman wants to give birth to an exceptionally sturdy and healthy baby. Such a desire for a woman is quite natural, but in order to determine the normal course of your pregnancy and the absence of threats to the fetus on the part of the mother's

Attention to moms!

Found a new cause of impotence and infertility in men - attention to moms! Watch out for the shape of your sons! Excess weight in boys threatens early impotence and infertility in a sexually mature man. Not so long ago, American scientists conducted

Sore joints after exercise

Easier to warn! And in the sun there are spots, girls! What am I talking about? About our favorite fitness! In fact, every sport has its own dangerous specificity. Tennis players have a pain in the elbow of the "shock" arm, soccer players usually

Best children's book - 2009

In early September, the winners of one of the most prestigious competitions in the book world of Russia, the Book of the Year 2009, were awarded. The best children's book was recognized as the series "Motley Square", which was published in the

Favorite aphrodisiac

25% Italian women were told that their favorite aphrodisiac was classic salami, 21% chose cheese. Another 12% of the respondents spoke for risotto a la Milanese, seasoned with saffron, and steamed vegetables. Oysters, traditionally considered an

How to lose weight by 10 kg

How to lose weight fast by 10 kg How to lose weight by 10 kg by a certain date? This question excites many representatives of the fair sex. Is it possible to throw off so many superfluous (or not absolutely superfluous) kilograms for a very short
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