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International reading day: may 17, 2012

The children's publishing house "Pink Giraffe" announced May 17, 2012 the next International Reading Day. International Reading Day - an action that is designed to popularize the reading of good literature to children. On this day, parents.

The meyerhold center shows an unusual premiere

In the production of "The Lion with a gray beard" will play an antique circus troupe One of the most interesting theaters of Moscow - the Meyerhold Center invites to the premiere. The current theatrical season CIM began the play "360 degrees". Then

We are not afraid of allergies!

An allergy to food in a child is one of the most common complaints of moms. This is not surprising, because the number of toddlers is increasing every year. However, all is not so scary. The main thing is to find out the problem in time and know the

The oldest mother died in 2.5 years

A woman who gave birth to twins at the age of 67 and was considered the oldest woman to be born in the world, died, leaving her two sons orphans. Maria del Carmen Bousada gave birth to twins by in vitro fertilization in December 2006. Her actual age

Irina lukyanova: brilliant result

The soloist of the first composition of the group "Brilliant" by Irina Lukyanova is a beautiful house, beloved husband and four children. But this still young woman behind her shoulders was another, less relaxed, but also happy and even stellar life.

Named 3 drinks, mandatory for slimming

Experts of the European Association of Nutritionists recommend using weight loss, carried out by increased physical activity and reduced caloric intake, use three drinks that accelerate, improve metabolism. Help to lose weight faster. 1. Green

Parotitis (mumps): symptoms, possible consequences, and

Parotitis - this disease is more known as a mumps. It is always an acute infectious etiology disease that can affect all glandular organs. It can be both salivary glands, and testicles, as well as the pancreas, and in addition the entire central

Lean diet

All about lean diet A lean diet is one of the most popular among foreign models. For 1 week on it you can lose 5 kilograms. But, as you guessed it, it is very difficult to observe due to the ultra-low caloric content and the lack of diversity in the

What's in a name?

How long did you choose a name for your baby? Who helped and what were the options? Why did the choice fall on the real option? Share with Parents.ru an interesting story and win a set for child care from SANOSAN. "The first bag" from Sanosan takes

Tutta larsen: "three children is the norm"

Tutta Larsen is not our first guest. The current occasion: the replenishment of the family and changes in the career. Tutta told us about childbirth without anesthesia, treatment without drugs and education without seduction. HAPPY PARENTS Tutta,
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