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Arvi and ari in pregnancy

0 4.3 Health of pregnant women ARVI and ARI in pregnancy Quite often the future mother is frightened by new sensations. How can you assess your condition without panic and help yourself before consulting a doctor? Evgenia Nazimova

In words. but in fact?

Suppose a three-year-old babe cries, demanding to take along for a walk ... a vacuum cleaner! Think, how it is possible to calm the child and all the same to breathe with it fresh air? Easier than simple, you will say. So why in most of these cases

How to treat diaper rash in an infant

3 4.6 Health & Care How to treat diaper rash in an infant Fatigue and sweating in infants are among the problems that almost all mothers may face. Natalia Makarova Pediatrician, Moscow Intertrigo Is an inflammatory process on the surface of the

How to dress my son for a visit

Favorite childhood activity is to dress up dolls. Now we have grown up, and our children are our puppets. I want your baby to look the best. With the girls easier, they bought a beautiful dress and baby, like a princess. Much more difficult with

How to teach a child to turn from back to belly

How to teach a child how to turn over How to teach a child to roll over from the back to the stomach, many parents try to find out. We always want to rush time, to be one step ahead. Learning to turn over, the kid is exposed to the risk of falling

Funny math for preschoolers

Zhenya Katz is a teacher, the author of developing classes for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Zhenya Katz's circle of mathematics on the author's gaming technique "Funny mathematics for preschool children" is already known to many.

Everything is in order: how to teach the child to clean up

To remove scattered toys for a child, arrange books on a shelf or neatly fold clothes is certainly easier and quicker than to seek fulfillment of these actions from himself. But to accustom a crumb to the order it is possible and necessary from the

Chess for children: train a child of wisdom

To date, loving parents are puzzled over how to raise in their baby, if not a genius, then a man who will not be alien to the modern high-tech world. How to do it? How to develop in the child diligence and patience? How to teach a child to think?

Elephant elmer: little books for little ones

In the light came a series of small books about the colored elephant calf, which can be taken on any journey Many parents and children already know the cheerful multi-colored elephant Elmer. First, the publishing house "Samokat" appeared large books


The family of dicotyledonous plants is legumes, so numerous that one can talk about it for hours. The brightest representatives of this family are beans, peas, peanuts, lentils, beans. At one time in Russia, legumes were grown everywhere. There is
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