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Water pepper - instruction, application, testimonials,

The use of tincture of water pepper (mountain pepper) - how much and how to drink for medicinal purposes? The name "water pepper" does not at all make this plant another kind of pepper and does not mean that it grows in water. In fact, the word

Childbirth in movies and in life: what's the difference?

0 5 Births from A to Z Childbirth in movies and in life: what's the difference? For many of us, the main source of knowledge about births are feature films. But how true and realistic are the portraits of filmmakers and screenwriters portrayed?

Two roads. month five.

0 3 Pregnancy Diaries Two roads. Month five. Memories of childbirth Olga says: - At last I looked like a pregnant woman! Favorite jeans without regret are thrown on a distant shelf, they were replaced by elegant dark trousers on an elastic band.

Stars of show business will congratulate young mothers on

On November 24, 2013, Mother's Day, more than 7000 young mothers will receive a lot of presents from the theater and cinema stars, popular TV hosts, as well as the organizers and partners of the action as part of the national social program "Growing

We come to our senses. how to become a woman after

When a child is born, the life of a married couple, and even more so of a woman, changes radically. Recovery after pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, sleepless nights and troubled days, and there's so much more to do around the house ...

Go ahead and go!

As soon as the baby began to walk, he tirelessly rushes from one room to another, climbs to the most inaccessible points of the apartment and scares the grandmothers with activity and independence. It seems to you that the kid will be happy to splash

New year's decoration of dishes

The New Year is a special holiday for all. In these holidays people decorate houses and yards, decorate the Christmas tree, come up with interesting and beautiful outfits. The hostess attached great importance to the festive table. It should be

On the benefits of fairy tales for children

Remember, as a child? My mother began to read a fairy tale, and we, were ready to listen and listen about miracles, magic, that good always overcomes evil. Do our children need fairy tales today? Of course. Can we give them all the experience that

Vestibular apparatus in a child

Does the child rock in the car? It's dizzy when he rolls on the carousel? Hence, he has a weak vestibular apparatus. Whether this problem will accompany the baby and further or it will be overcome, largely depends on the parents. The vestibular

The child is cold: signs and first aid for hypothermia

Frost and sunshine - excellent winter weather, the most suitable time for sledging, skating and walking. But the younger the child, the higher the risk of hypothermia. What precautions will help to avoid trouble and what to do if during the walk the
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