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Question to the psychologist: my children are fighting

"I have twins (1 year 2 months) - a boy and a girl. Recently, Kolya began to constantly beat Natasha, jealousy began to show itself to me, to my father. Tell me, is this normal between a brother and a sister? How should I behave? Do they have the

Choosing vegetables and fruits in pregnancy: do without

0 Nutrition of pregnant women Choosing vegetables and fruits in pregnancy: do without chemistry The variety of fruits and vegetables that has been steadily remaining in recent years on our shelves in winter and summer can not but rejoice. However,

Learning to relax

Pregnant women are often tormented by such unpleasant manifestations of a stressful state as insomnia, causeless irritability, frequent headaches, sharp temper, and a feeling of general tension. And in order to reduce these manifestations to a

Breastfeeding after caesarean section

How to organize lactation after cesarean section Prolonged and successful breastfeeding is possible both after natural childbirth and after the operation by cesarean section, the main thing is to observe certain rules. What should I take care of

American birth

All the girls and women of Russia and Ukraine are approximately representative, and most even know how to give birth to children in our country. And it becomes curious, but how does it happen in other countries. For example, in America? It is

Eye color of newborn

Most babies are born blue-eyed. But this circumstance does not mean anything at all, because the color of the eyes will not change again. How to explain such a strange phenomenon? The color of the eyes depends on the amount of melanin - the pigment,

Relaxation during pregnancy. training in relaxation

Chapter 4. Relaxation: the key to tranquility in childbirth Earlier we already briefly considered training in relaxation techniques during pregnancy. However, there are other aspects of this issue that also require close attention. The attitude of a

Vacation for the stork. when to give birth to the second?

25 4.2 Planning Vacation for the stork. When to give birth to the second? The number of children in the family is determined by the desire of the spouses, their level of health, material possibilities, religious upbringing and other social and

Pregnancy and the bus

If the bus will be comfortable, the journey will be wonderful, in other cases - endless and boring. Good sides of the bus: you can walk, because there are stops on the road; not always, but there are built-in toilets, VCRs, air conditioners, seats

Why women have a belly: the top 5 most common causes

The most problem areas of the female body, where excess fat deposits always accumulate, are the abdomen, sides, buttocks, hips, upper part of the legs or shoulders. Depending on the type of figure, the fat can be smaller or larger in some particular
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